A Dental Union with Bite




The British Dental Union


Our profession is facing challenges from a number of different angles. We have issues with regulation, litigation, and corporations that choose to profit at our detriment. We believe that through unity we can stand up to those who challenge us and with your help we can regain balance in our profession.


Why us?

We are ONLY interested in the issues that concern you. We have no expensive offices, we have no museums. We are a union that is led by actual dentists working with real patients in both the NHS and private sector.

Principal/Associate Mediation

The British dental union is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many associates and principals. Principals and associates sometimes feel like they are on opposing sides. We offer dispute mediation along with retention services similar to that for rental properties that hold retention fees in neutral account.


The British dental union is proud to be partnered with CPD suppliers to deliver your essential CPD. Along with an interesting quaterly magazine, focussing not just on dentistry but on lifestyle, management, and personal development.


We know how difficult it can be to find the right practice for you, and we know how difficult it can be find the right candidate, so we’ve developed a platform that allows you to post jobs and look for positions in your area at NO additional cost to you.

Feel free to select the package that suits you.